This free service is part of a graduate course in the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto.  The course is designed to give students experience as a statistical consultant/data scientist under the supervision of the course instructor, Prof. Nathan Taback.

We welcome anyone that is facing statistical issues to contact us about free statistical consulting services.  Ideally, potential clients are seeking a statistical consultant to collaborate with after the initial meeting instead of a one-time consultation, where we meet with you and then there are no services to be performed.  But, in some cases a one-time meeting is appropriate.  Typically collaborators want to engage a statistical consultant/data scientist to provide advice or conduct services such as,

  • implementation and advice on study design such as A/B testing.
  • sample size estimation.
  • data analysis.
  • data visualizations.
  • data interpretation including help preparing statistical analyses for academic manuscripts and reports.

Most clients are graduate students, post doctoral fellows, medical residents/fellows, and faculty members at the University of Toronto.  Other clients have included government agencies (e.g., Ontario Ministry of the Environment) and businesses (e.g., Marketing Agency).

Clients can expect

  • A free one-hour meeting with the course instructor (an experienced statistical consultant) and a student in the course that will be your primary consultant.
  • Follow-up that includes a written meeting summary that will outline a work plan for the student during the school term.
  • Completion of the work outlined in the meeting summary.



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